Monthly archives for January, 2015


Inspired by the photo-a-day Stephen participated in with a few friends in 2014, I’ve made a New Years resolution for a sketch-a-day 2015. Sitting down and drawing isn’t always the hardest part, but having the composition in mind of what to draw (artists block) sometimes is. So I enlisted a few friends to compile the list. With little direction I asked them to list characters from comics, video games, movies, books and general pop/nerd culture that they found interesting and visually appealing.

The list started out somewhat “conservative” with, “RoboCop, Captain America, Simon Belmont” . Then I asked them for 10 more, and the questions of what this was for started. I explained I wanted a list of random characters that I had never drawn before… This list now includes random and obscure characters like, “Mola Ram, Austin Powers, Goku, and Tasslehof Burrfoot” (it’s ok to Google them if you dont know who they are) and we’re only up to 56 characters so far. If you’d like to add your characters to the list you can do so by adding them in the forum, emailing, facebook, or instagram.