The studio

Beast Within Studios is a small North Carolina based multi-media studio. Our humble beginnings started from the subconscious sketches of founder Freddie Kemp, who drew the “kit-ee” logo with the words “Beast Within Studios” scribed on the back of a filled sketchbook in 1998. The sketchbook would sit packed away collecting dust for 4 years. In 2002 Freddie noticed a growing gap between friends that enjoyed the same interests in art and entertainment. To bridge that gap and for a way to showcase his work he turned to the World Wide Web, where he created a domain doing just that beastwithinstudios.com . At the heart is the illustration and design skills of creator Freddie Kemp. Many have come and gone to the studio family and in early 2006 BWS was proud to announce it’s most recent addition to the studio family with the video editing and photography expertise of long time friend and confidant Stephen Herbster.

Meet the Team